Welcome to black feminists 

This is a group for women who are ‘black’ in the political sense i.e. all women descended (through one or both parents) from Africa, Asia (i.e. the Middle East to China, including the Pacific nations), Latin America and those descended from the original inhabitants of Australasia, North America, and the islands of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. This includes trans women. It was set up to provide a safe space to discuss the issues that affect us.

To ensure black feminists remains a progressive and safe space, all members are expected to comply with:  definitions, terms and conditions and support our aims and objectives.

Our Manifesto

  1. Definitions
    1. We use the word ‘black’ in the political sense to denote women who self- identify, originate or have ancestry  from global majority populations (i.e. African, Asian, Middle Eastern and Latin America) and Indigenous and Bi-racial backgrounds.
    2. All references to the term ‘black’ reflect the definition mentioned previously unless otherwise stated.
  1. Aims and Objectives
    1. We express strength and solidarity in or shared experience of inequality and power imbalance based on our race and gender.
    2. We celebrate our difference and diversity with black feminists embodying our collective fight against racism and sexism.
    3. We aim  to challenge the hegemony of patriarchy  prevalent in most parts of the world which subjugates many, particularly black females.
    4. We work towards anti-domination for the liberation of all humanity.
    5. We are against misogyny, sexual exploitation, violence and aggression.
    6. We are against racism, sexism, disablism and homophobia.
    7. To be truly liberated means transcending the need for equality by transforming society in terms of reconstructing gender and race.
    8. We reject and fight against White supremacy and all its manifestations.
    9. We are committed to healing and addressing the legacy of oppression past and present including slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism, imperialism and militarisation. 
    10. Black feminists raises consciousness and socio-political activism by observing, analysing, debating and challenging dominant and oppressive ideologies pervasive in mainstream society; as well as providing a space to share advice, musings and feelings in a non-therapeutic manner.
    11. We encourage all members to get involved. There is no such thing as a small contribution. All views are important and provide us with an opportunity to learn.
  1. Terms and Conditions
    1. This group is for black women only.
    2. Black feminists is an independent group and therefore not formally affiliated with any other organisation or group.
    3. All views expressed represent those of the individual and not black feminists as a whole.
    4. All individual comments and views are confidential and should not be shared outside black feminists. Therefore email exchanges should not be forwarded to outside parties unless permission has been granted.
    5. Black feminists will not tolerate malicious or judgemental comments and posts directed at individuals within the group.
    6. We expect  religious, cultural, ethnic sensitivity when making posts.
    7. No use of offensive, homophobic, racist or sexist language unless in the context of material being discussed. Swearing is acceptable.
    8. We welcome different viewpoints and perspectives and expect that any disagreement is respectful and grounded in content of the discussion.
    9. The group will have two moderators who should be alerted of any consistent violations of the terms and conditions. The current moderators are Lola and Charmaine.