Monday, 11 April 2011

Britain on trial

Selina Nwulu

Dear Great Britain.

Great land of democracy

God has saved your gracious queen

But let us take a fleeting glance

at all who remain unseen:

Those who lie on the edge of the flag

victorious red, white and blue

Britain, land of hope and glory

You belong to the very few

‘Fairness’ is today’s buzz word

So I will treat kind for kind

Your time on trial will be brief, discrete

a few home truths- to ease my mind:

Britain, you widen the gap

between rich and poor

while Tax-free aristocrats

cheat the system for more, and more

Yet it's the welfare state

'in need of desperate attention'

funny how you're too busy

to give the tax evaders a mention

older women disappear

from our TV screens

replaced by buxom girls with pearly whites

cleavage busting from the seams

Britain, you reduce the rest of us

to the fringes, to our whinges

shrinking our brains to fit

Daily Mail showbiz binges

Britain, you ignore the majority

You inflate our education

you'd rather focus on Will and Kate

To unify the nation

Yes Kate, the fair 'commoner'

is now public property

Her smile now frozen

with PR instructed deity

Her marriage with the media

will last till death do her part

She's being wheeled out, exhibited

'She got Diana's heart'

dear Britain, your MPs make cuts

on expense bought pedestals

They communicate in “rars” and “roars”

but treat us all like fools

Yellow politicians do nothing

but make up the numbers

blue winds blow hard

sending socialism to its slumber

dear Britain, times get tougher

You bring scapegoats to the slaughter

'It's me, it's you,

the foreigner and his daughter'

The refugee searches for asylum

A safe place without screams

The single mother on benefit

scrapes by, by any means

So old Blighty, forgive me

but adjourning this trial would be absurd

This 'age of austerity' has gone to your head

Your moral standing has become blurred

Dear Blighty, your system is full of loopholes

We're drowning in your debt

Britain, land of hope and glory

We've not seen true justice from you yet.

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