Sunday, 29 May 2011

Black women, beauty and advertising

by Chitra Nagarajan

I'm sure you all remember Satoshi Kanazawa's claim that "Black women are … far less attractive than white, Asian, and Native American women." Psychology Today has since apologised for the post and removed it from their site (hence, why I haven't linked to it but you can read commentary about it here).

This week, comes the news that

Naomi Campbell is like chocolate...

...and Dove can make your skin become 'visibly more beautiful in just one week' (meaning of course whiter).

So not impressed.

Operation Black Vote has called for Cadbury's to apologise and withdraw its campaign and said the Dove advert reflects subliminal racial stereotypes in advertising.

What do y'all think?


  1. Re the Cadbury's ad, I have emailed ASA expressing my anger, if I get a response will post it here. I also tweeted @ Cadbury's saying that their ad was offensive but they have not replied. So not on.

  2. I'm mainly baffled that the Cadburys advert happened. I mean, how many layers of marketing, management and what not must a new campaign go through before it gets published and no one gave a thought to the fact that this could be a teensy weensy bit offensive? It speaks volumes about the diversity of their staff, and the ability of those there to speak up when things are not right.

  3. It's a logical step for white male supremacy to take which is promotion of male contempt for non-white women by reducing all non-white women to disposable commodities.

    After all isn't that what all women are - disposable products which men consume and then throw away.

    Given that all women irrespective of their ethnicity, race or culture are commonly portrayed by malestream media as 'dehumanised products' Cadburys latest campaign is no different. Doubtless their advertising agents will claim 'it is a storm in a tea cup because the advertising is designed to be 'edgy.' Oh yes excuses and denials will abound because women are not human are we? We are just men's disposable objects.

    Would Cadburys have dared to link a well known black male celebrity to their latest product with the strapline 'move over X because there's a new man in town!' Of course not because racism is only real when it affects non-white men whereas women of all ethnicities etc. aren't human according to the white male supremacist mantra. Instead we can be exploited, ridiculed and men don't engage in women-hating do they? No men just speak the truth about women and because we aren't human according to white male supremacy no one was harmed.

    Take a look around you because men's hatred and contempt for women is everywhere - it's in the air we breathe and yet we continue to hear the mantra 'but it's just humour' or 'you are too sensitive.' That's the reality of living in a white male supremacist society because only men are human and only men have the right not to be reduced to disposable commodities.

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