Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Peta's Use of Violent Sex as a Selling Point

Animal rights charity,PETA's recent advert uses the idea that even vegan boyfriends are able to have violent sex! In their Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom Out of Me commercial we see a woman walking home battered and bruised following a night of 'tantric porn star' sex.

Annette Davis writes:

As a vegan I'm ashamed and as a vegan woman I feel betrayed (once again) by this disgusting sell out to the pornocracy, to the detriment of women. Animals should have more rights and be respected but what about women? Is there a kind of hierarchy in PETA's considerations that leaves our battle for equal rights and respect far behind the one for animals? I don't understand how, considering the proportion of feminists and women in the veggie/vegan population, PETA can have made such a faux-pas...

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